October / November 2003

If you're curious and would like to know more about our Porsche Magazine, you’ll find selected articles here for you to read as a sample.

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Essay - Still Hoarse at Forty

Pages 18 to 19
A paean of love to the Eleven on its birthday

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Essay - Still Hoarse at Forty

Page 20

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Chronology - The First Fourty Years of the 911

Pages 22 to 25
A car with a career-chronical of a long-distance runner

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Chronology - The First Fourty Years of the 911

Page 26

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Chronology - The First Fourty Years of the 911

Pages 28 to 29

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Chronology - 1,963 Special Elevens

A special Porsche model for the anniversary

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Premiere - Those Carefree Top-Down Moments

The new Turbo Cabriolet premiers in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci

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Design - In Great Shape

It took seven years to develop the design for the Eleven, now at forty and counting

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Engine - Back Up

The furious growth of the 911, as seen from the rear, where the power is

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Motor - Sports Speedoo

With the new GT3 RS, the grand motorsports tradition looks to the future

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Memories - Primal Types

Herbert Linge takes a trip back through time, with the first 911 to win athletic laurels

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Memories - Nocky Mountains

Pages 60 to 63
The 911 visits Gmünd, Carinthia, where the Porsche success story began

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Memories - Nocky Mountains

Page 64

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Column - What’s in a Number?

A short model name with an unusual history

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Society - Garden Party

Pages 12 to 15
The first Porsche Grand Prix of Germany, a one-horsepower event at Berlin’s Hoppegarten

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Society - Garden Party

Page 16

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