Porsche - Charging on the move at any time. - Wherever you are.
Charging on the move at any time.
Wherever you are.

We know that compromise is a part of life. But that has no place in driving. It’s about your flexibility, planned arrival and above all, sporty performance. Regardless of whether you’re driving around your own area or heading towards far away destinations and need greater range. Porsche E Performance provides a reliable, global and easily accessible charging network and an innovative charging infrastructure. For electric driving pleasure with no ifs or buts. Exactly as you would expect from Porsche.

Hardware and infrastructure

There are many ways to get to your destination. We stand by this principle and give you the choice. You decide where and how you want to charge your Porsche.

Mode 3 Charging
Mode 3 Charging
For charging at public charging pedestals with AC (alternating current) you need the right charging cable (optional offer via your Porsche Centre). In connection with the Porsche Charging Service, you can charge your car at thousands of charging points across Europe – easily using the app or your Porsche ID Card – with only one access via your Porsche ID account.
Porsche Mobile Charger
Porsche Mobile Charger
Charge your Porsche from your household or industrial electrical outlet, with the Porsche Mobile Charger. Both cables, which are used to connect the charger and electrical outlet are included. You can choose between different designs for your Porsche Mobile Charger.
Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect has a five-inch touchscreen display which you can use with your household connection or your industrial electrical outlet. It is available with an output of up to 22kW. The device can be configured and operated via your WiFi.
Fast-charging pedestals
Fast-charging pedestals
At the same time as expanding the Porsche Turbo Charging network, we are working together with powerful partners, such as IONITY, Electrify America and State Grid, and installing fast charging pedestals around the world. The charging points are close together, around 30-70 miles apart. So you can flexibly plan your charging breaks and always arrive at your destination on time.

Porsche Connect and E-Performance.

With the apps and services from Porsche Connect, you can conveniently operate various vehicle functions from your living room. For example, control the charging process, check the state of charge of your battery or bring your Porsche to a comfortable temperature before you start your trip.

Porsche - Information on charging at home

Information on charging at home

Time to fill up: for you and your sports car. Discover how easy and comfortable it is to charge your car at home.

Discover more about Porsche E-Performance.

Discover more about Porsche E-Performance, electromobility and the sports car of the future.

Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo
76.3 – 80.7
66 – 64